Google Maps API key

Where do I find my Google Maps API key?

Embed Google Maps WITHOUT API Key

Because of recent changes that Google did (and if you don't click the button above ☝️), you may need your own Google Maps API key if you want to use Google Maps on you own website. But don't worry! It's only a bit complicated to get one and it's free - we'll show you how, step by step.

Click on the following button to request your own API key (opens in new tab): Request key

1. Create project

You will see a screen like this, click on Continue (a project will be created, this can take some time, you will be automatically redirected):
Create a Google Maps API Key Project

2. Create API Key

On the following screen, enter an asterisk into the the field like shown below and click on Create:
Create a Google Maps API Key

3. Copy and paste your API Key

Now you finally get your API key, which you can copy and paste in the API key field (in the other tab) to generate your Google Map:
Copy and Paste your Google Maps API Key
That's it, done!

PS: This also helps with errors like: Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError, InvalidKeyMapError, RefererDeniedMapError and RefererNotAllowedMapError © 2024 - This Maps Generator Is Free To Use. Google Maps API key - English - Deutsch - Español - Français - Italiano - Português - Română - Русский - Українська - Български - Polski - Nederlands - Hrvatski

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